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Sanctuary of Life ©

(Cogito ergo sum)
To all my masters & students - with gratitude and deep respect.

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

...It all started at the black board!
My pedestal was made of wood,
I felt like Braveheart with a sword -
...Cyrano smiled at Robin Hood!

If algebra marred my reports,
Thales was dead - so was Einstein...
Mathematics of any sort;
Only ONE zero of a kind.

I fell in love with my language;
The Dinosaurs of literature!
With Rabelais I didn't whinge -
Montesquieu freed me from capture.

...Molière gave life to Sganarelle -
Of such scoundrel I'm still so fond;
Monsieur Baudelaire, my citadel...
les Fleurs du Mal so moribund.

Young Jack broadened my horizon:
Treasure seekers found their island...
"I am, You are..." in unison -
A Lionheart out in grassland(!)

...English spoken beyond Britain.
Africa came to my classroom -
When you're a child love is sudden;
Two wild flowers awaiting bloom.

The Young rebel turned a teacher...
Back in the yard, I didn't know!
The child's eyes turned to the master,
The twist was right - yet what a show!

I too had my pretty red shoes...
School time, my gateway and my other childhood.

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