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Sanctuary ©

Colin Lillie
Midlothian, Scotland

When dark clouds cover me.
My days my nights are lonely and cold.
When illness plagues my body and mind,
where no one hears me cry.
I look deep into my soul to find a place that has been
with me before my birth.
I breathe in slowly and let all that bounds me lift so I can
see the clearing through the mist of my despair.
As I breathe deeper and warmth fills my being
I feel my strength within begin to rise to commute with what is
pure, which will help me through this time of pain.
the purest of love touches and cleans my fear.
with no borders or walls, under no crown or sceptre.
Where no skin or colours have a name,
a light that carries love where all are welcome
touches me,
I have found this Love in me.

I have found my SANCTUARY!

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