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Sadness ©

(written after the Tsunami disaster)

Bhavana R
Chennai, India

I am so sad
Never have been so sad
Or maybe I just blocked
Those moments out
Far away from me to stay

At first the news
The stories so sad
Old people dead
Cause they couldn't run far

An old man who was paralyzed
And his wife who wouldn't leave his bedside
Both died
But they bid their grandson to run for his life
And they died, both died as they saw him run

And then I thought I'd tell you
How I feel
But that wasn't to be
You had your own parties to plan
And then I remembered my true love
Who was also in his world merry
I am sad, so very sad
Tears running down they won't stop
This is not a good day

Must I always block my feelings
Or live in a world I do not like
People I don't know
And some I despise
I don't want to cry

I can turn to my Lord
My only true friend
Who's always there
Though I might not be sometimes
I'm still sad though
I'm still sad, so very sad

Click to read Bhavana's first hand account of her visit to the Tsunami Disaster scene

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