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Roses in the Skies ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

I walk the holy shores
Take a deep look to the red skies
See the mist dancing over the black moor lands
Silver light kisses the treetops
The rain kisses the green hills
And the flower of my heart
Roses smell for the beauty of my country
My heart kisses the flower of Scotland
Raindrops of God shining in the morning light
Birds singing from the trees a song of true love
Glen's kisses the silence near the mountains
Eagles fly in the sky of blue
Wish I fly with the bird over the beauty of Scotland's shores
Feel the wind under my wings
And dream a dream when the rain kisses me softly
Near the valley of a billion Glens
Run with me through the blooming heather
Catch the wind of the road to the rainbows
Dance under the crescent moon near the moor
Roses in the skies of my heart
My heart coloured in the colours of Scotland's flower
The sweetness of roses I wish to smell from the stars

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