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Room for Me? ©

Margaret Leith Minter
Victoria B.C., Canada

In a manger, sleeps an infant,
a stable is his place of birth;
angels sing to humble shepherds.
"Joy to Man and Peace on Earth"
but is there room for me?

Mary gazes rapt in wonder,
as Eastern kings, who journeyed far,
kneel before the lowly cradle;
"He is the Christ! We've seen his star"
but is there room for me?

Joseph bows - unsure, uncertain.
not knowing why this child should bring
such happiness to all creation;
"God sent his son. He is the King!"
but is there room for me?

A hopeful world awaits in silence,
believing what the prophets say;
Man's quest for freedom is rewarded;
"Christ is born again today!"
I know there's room for me.

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