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Romance 101 ©

Mystery Rose

It's almost impossible to have a healthy relationship until one is complete with their past.
It's almost impossible to forget the matters of the task.

Many people wander around looking for love
It's called Romance 101.

We often times throw ourselves into a relationship to fill the void
When brokenness is filled within your heart,
It's going to be hard to make a new start.

When you set out to replace what is broken in the past
You open up more heartache instead of living at last.

You have trapped the feelings of a love gone astray
You have made the new lover pay for the day
You have silenced the heart from feeling anew
You have silenced the feelings unfelt, unmet, and it's hard to renew.

You will have him sitting there looking at you
Wondering what is this about and why are you so blue
You will scream to your friend
"He is just like all the rest!"
But the real deal is, you forgot to undress
You kept those feelings hidden within you
They will always surface no matter who is with you.

Let go of the lover that has now gone on his way
Let go of the feelings that is making you this way
Restore what is broken
Make a new
For so much in life is awaiting you

If you want something different, allow yourself to feel
Or you will always be looking for something real

Reinstate your heart and open the door
For what awaits you in life could be so much more.

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