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Revenge ©

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia

On shadowed path I wend my way
Through pools of flickering light
I stumble, wounded, bloodied, bent
In random aimless flight.

The bitter taste of battles lost
Lie acrid on my tongue.
With hesitant acceptance
I give to those whoíve won

Acknowledgement of victory
Let them enjoy today,
For it is purely pro tempore;
Tomorrow they will pay.

My scars will heal, my plans will shape,
My spirit will renew.
The unsuspecting enemy
Will get their worthy due.

When I am ready, when Iím right
When my planís complete
The pawn will fall, the rook will run,
The Bishop will retreat

Misguided faith, mistaken trust
First led me to my fall;
But marching drums of vengeance
Will make no sound at all.

Sanctum Sanctorum will be breached
Iíll catch them in their nest
Iíll taste the sweetest fruit of all
As I seal their final rest

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