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Return into Heaven ©

Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

Be not afraid of the darkness,
it holds no fears for me,
I know one day I will leave you,
no longer here to see.

Do not feel sad or lonely,
for if there is such a place,
When time has past I can at last,
kiss your smiling face

I donít believe in the hereafter,
Fairies, Goblins and such,
But then I could be mistaken,
in life I needed no crutch.

Assuming there is a place,
for those who want to get in,
There behind some pearly gates,
for those not degraded by sin.

Perhaps we donít have to go there,
surely we can just sit and wait,
There will be no sin, no lose or win,
just good friends to contemplate.

There will be no sun shining,
yet the light will be so bright,
Thereíll be no demons stalking,
out in the pale moon light.

Scent of roses will reach out,
yet no roses do I see,
I know if I wait with patience,
you will come to me.

Together weíll move in harmony
on around the bend,
The world grows ever smaller,
as in misty dreams we ascend.

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