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Returning From the Ancient ©

David Lee Sulgrove
Nine Mile Falls, USA

Travelling tattered pathways,
Gaze upon sights seen so long ago.

Traversing ancient ruins,
Recall them as they once were.

Long ago and faraway through centuries
I come,
Returning from the ancient,
to places I have been before.

Long ago and faraway through millenia
I come,
Returning from the ancient
as I enter through the door.

The old hall echoes with the reign of fallen kings,
Many a dark word spoken in the rule of a land,
Many a dark war launched at the request of a secret,
Many the haunted avenues of past treachery.

Magicians, musicians and maidens fair,
Wine, ale and ribald song,
gorge the great gallery.
Tales of valour, tales of honour,
weave throughout the feasting crowd.

Slowly fade,
Slowly fade,
and then
they are
no more.

The great hall becomes but an empty memory,
Returning from the ancient
as I glide across the floor.

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