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Retirement ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

We spend most of our life in working attire,
then before you know it you have to retire.
It's the day you looked forward to most of your life,
to be able to spend more time with your wife.
But if you don't have a hobby to keep you busy,
retirement will soon have you in a tizzy.
You spent most of your life at work making friends,
suddenly this has come to an end.
All Those little jobs that were hanging around,
have all been done now there's none to be found.
This is the time when you start to understand
with no more jobs to be done you have time on your hands.
Now as the days pass you start to get bored.
Especially if your wife has not retired.
What to do now to fill in the time,
a little part time job would suit you fine.
A couple of hours a day could be the trend,
and again you could be out there making new friends..

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