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Repentance ©

Jane Baxter
Dorset, England

Oh Faither, Faither, please furgie
The sins that I've committed
And listen please tae this ma plea
That's been noo submitted
Wae countless ither millions
I hae trod the path o' life
Sometimes findin happiness
Bit aft times findin strife
Fur a wis sic a stupid child
A wis jist a wee bit rebellious
An aft times a wee bit wild
A ken these things that a hae done
They must hae caused you pain
Bit please, ma LORD, be merciful
That a micht live again
A come noo tae you in meekness
An ma heid hings low wae shame
That a sae fu' o' weakness
Dare utter THY MAJESTIC name
A'm knockin noo oan thae great gates
An' beg thit a maun gain an entrance
Tae kneel it THY maest HEAVENLY THRONE
An' ther tae gain repentance

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