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Rent Boy ©

A Horror Story.
For the thousands o children wha hae nae voice.

Graham Donachie
Victoria, Canada

I aince wis a bonnie laughing lad,
a laughing lad was I,
but I had a strange compunction
tae revel in the rye.

so I sank intae debaucherie
an tasted the very evil
o the vice doon beyond the slippery slope,
into the realm o the devil.

my mither prayed for my simple soul
tae return tae its sinless way,
but the hot moist tongues within my lugs
led me in heat astray.

intae the lust o sensuous need
intae unkent abandonment,
I lost my pure and catholic ways
tae the lure o hells heavenly scent.

I strolled alang the sexy way
and swaggered oot o youth,
I swallowed the glamour o awfu lies
an turned my back on truth.

in the lichts upon the motorway,
in the cauld o a winters dawn,
twas me, the prey o a lang-distance driver
looking for a slim-hipd pawn.

my wanton acts, so commonplace
were riches sent tae me,
by onie John wha afforded enough
tae pay the felon's fee.

my lovely eyes an rouge red lips
my offers o times guid,
tae passing strangers... wandering
in search o excitement lewd.

fae feathered beds tae cobbles cauld
the streets hae been my hame,
and bare cloathed twixt the verra twa
were the couplings o my shame.

my batterd een an bluidie lips
my sair demented tears,
abuse was my sair existence
for nigh, those mony years.

I had tae escape that fantasie
an get oot o that putrid hell,
afore the bells o Hades tolled
my ain death-knell.

but tyme hae taen the toll ome
Im nae langer a bonnie lad,
the mirror noo reflects tae me
an image cauld and sad.

Im noo an auld an withered soul
wi mony a tale tae tell,
o darkest deeds fae yesterday
but nae thing worth tae sell.

my lips are sealed
my eyes are closed
my thoughts have gone astray,
my horrors locked within my heart
as now I pass away.

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