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Remember the Forgotten Ones ©

This poem is dedicated to anyone who is afflicted with Dementia, Alzheimer's, or Pick's disease, and to a very special lady (HB). A lady I adore dearly.
Andrea R M Fletcher

Please don't cry, how may I help you?
Things are confused for you today
And some thing's you can't remember
This makes you withdraw from your family and friends
You have lost your inhibitions and judgments
Your short and long term memories are not what they used to be
Not caused by your own will. However,
A neurological disease has robbed you of your dignity and memories
You are merely crying out for help

"Please remember me!"

You are still remembered as the sweetest
Sincerest, caring, loving person that you are

I will hear, see, like, and remember to take care of you
Or I can dislike, discard, and forget you.

I can put you in a Nursing Home
However, they might not care for you the way I would
Nor will they medicate you, treat your symptoms
And help to give you comfort the way I would.

I can take care of you, but I can't cure you
I can give you the right medicines
Listen, communicate, bathe, brush your teeth, and hair,
Help to dress you, and prepare your meals.
You are in my heart always.
How may I help you?

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