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Remember Me ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

A quiet place just for me,
The bracken stands so tall:
I sit and listen to the night,
My heart is filled with joy.

Blackberries on the roadside,
I can't believe my eyes:
Gooseberries on the other side,
I hear a wistful sigh.

Down the way, across the field,
There is a running stream:
Clear, clean cold water,
The likes you've never seen.

Out across the meadow,
A man was planting corn:
An old beach tree, near the stile,
That's where my Dad was born.

I watch the newborn lambs at play,
Or help someone in need:
The smell of new mown hay,
What a pleaser. Yes, in deed.

I don't believe that all this is lost,
I still believe, you're there;
The green hills of Galloway,
So beautiful, and rare.

From far beyond the green hills,
Out, far across the sea:
I sometimes sit and ponder,
Do you remember me?

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