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Remember it's Christmas ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

Remember dear people it's that time of year
Where you will find the con merchants
Who will tell you a story that you then feel a tear
They won't ask you to part with your cash or a gift
But they still will accept it and it gives you that lift

They will tell you the story of the children just alive
As they struggle at Christmas and winter to strive
How hard their lives have been through the rest of the year
When the other half ran off with the cash for the whisky and beer
And your heart will ache at the thought of a poor, poor soul
Spending Christmas alone and no heat from the coal

It's amazing and sad how people can be so low
To play on your kindness as you look at the snow
And you feel all that sadness deep inside your heart
As you reach for your cheque book and your money does part
Remember dear people they won't ever die,
They practise each year and they laugh while you cry

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