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Religion ©

Franz Grimley
Falkirk, Scotland

So you think that your 'Religion', is much better than the other’s,
and you think that somehow you’re the chosen one.
Out of all the sons and daughters of our earthbound holy mothers
God selected you to point the bloody gun.

And this God, who’s somehow stronger than the 'Gods' of other men
Tells you, “Kill them all and blow them all to hell…
If they don’t believe in me, then they just don’t deserve to live
because I’m the Only God. Why can’t they tell?"

I believe that killing people is the only way to truth.
I believe destroying lives is for the best.
I believe that killing fathers, sons and daughters is for me,
the one and only, honest, acid test.

Surely murder, death and mayhem is the only way to go?
Surely every one but us deserves to die?
If they’re not prepared to listen and they’re not prepared to change
they deserve to rot forever, where they lie…

Now tell me mister holy man, is this what drives you on?
Are these the kind of voices that you hear?
Is your god the kind of being who gives nought for man nor beast
as he softly whispers murder in your ear?

Then there’s other kinds of 'Holy men', religious to a fault,
who prostrate themselves in front of Icons hung.
And their faith is without question, no one doubts it in the least
But you wouldn’t let those people near your young!

Do you ever stop to wonder why there are so many poor?
‘Cause 'The Church' with all its wisdom, bans control.
Do you think that this is Wisdom, or another holy trick?
Do you think these 'Holy People' have a soul?

You see, the more they keep the masses down, the more control they keep,
and the more the money flows into their hands,
to maintain expected standards for their Holy Mother Church,
like their paintings and their coffers, and their lands.

So the many poor, get poorer, and will never have a chance
to experience the good things in this life.
For the preachers tell them Penance is the only way to go.
“When you die your Lord will see an end to strife.”

So it seems that God Almighty, whichever one you chose,
will reward you well, it’s written in the text.
Try not to wish for too much in the present, my dear friend
‘Cause the best that They can offer, is the next.

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