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Regiments Forever! ©

H Marshall

what perverse pragmatism
possesses Geoff Hoon,
while Black Watch soldiers die
in the afternoon?

brave young men
have met their fate
while you indulge
and pontificate!

and don't you hear
the pleas from home.....
that you should leave their
Battalions alone?

you fail to grasp,
that which they inherit.....
where each generation
gets their fighting spirit.

a Regiment's heritage,
tradition and loyalty
is instilled in men
who belong to a "family".

granddad, father
uncle and son
believe in the badge
and the battles they won.

therein lies their
strength and cohesion,
their sense of belonging.....
a reinforcing reason.

how could you disband them,
or their family ties sever?
Scotland cries,
"Keep the Regiments, Forever!"

read more...... detailed information about the new Scottish super Regiment.

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