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Reflections ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

Reflections of a time past
When we were children
We would laugh and chat
With school friends
The neighborhood children
Came over and we played
Brown girl in the ring and Hop scotch
Hide and seek and dandy shandy
Nurses, doctors, and teachers
Where did the time go?
Flew by so fast
Before you knew it
Everyone grew up
Some married
Have children of their own
Some are big shot lawyers
And doctors
Reflections of all the times
We sang and danced in the backyard
With cousins and friends
And we thought
That it will never end
Everyone had their own voice
And we all thought that we
Sounded like Gladys Knight,
Dionne Warwick and Smoky Robinson
Wow! Those were the days
Days we long for
To sing and be happy
Sharing our talents
With family and friends

Reflections of a time pastů

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