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Reflection ©

Mystery Rose

Maybe you can see the world through more than your eyes
Maybe you can hear someone else's cries.
The man on the street has nothing to eat
Give him what you can for it is kindness that he seeks.

Maybe you can see the place where someone lives
Maybe you can hear the noise from the upstairs of the sins
The woman hides her face, as if no one will know
The bruises that she carries and the awful load.

Maybe you can see the child at play
Maybe you can hear his pretend say
The child wants a friend, but no one will stay
The nightmares for him come in the day.

Maybe you can see an injustice done
Maybe you hear the voices of some
What kind of world would we have now, if Martin Luther King sat on the brow.
The world would be a better place
If you stand up for what matters instead of stayin' in place.

If I could put rainbows in your skies,
or a star to dance before your eyes,
If I could walk beside you and be a friend
or hold on to you until you reach the end.
If I could make a difference in your life
or to teach you to stand for what is right.

I have been called for a reason
I don't know why
But I have reached out to many
and I will stand up to fight
For freedom is what is sought by them
I stand with them for they are my friends.

Keanu means a lot to me
For he has given me a reason to sing
Keanu means the world to me
I wish I could return what he has given to me.

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