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Red-Cheeked Scotsman ©

Allan Paris
Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany

I donned my kilt to take a walk,
In the sun to bask,
When a group of tourists stopped me,
and said,"Pray, may we ask?"
I knew the question in their mind,
These foreign city slickers,
So I bent down and showed them,
That Scotsmen donīt wear knickers.
They clapped their hands and whistled,
This was a lovely sound,
I took advantage of the moment,
And passed my hat around.
I made a pretty penny,
So - self employed I go,
And show my bum to tourists,
Or those who want to know.
Now Iīm a famous Scotsman too.....
Was in the news for weeks,
Known in every headline as,
'The Scotsman with red cheeks'.

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