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Record Floods ©

Shaurya Mehta
Mumbai, India

I was at my tuition that day,
Yes, on that Record Flood’s Day;
We heard the clouds burst,
Normal, that was, we thought at first;
Finally, we got a 15-minute break,
And we saw outside, the road was now a lake;
The water-level shocked us,
The rains had rocked us;
I ran upstairs to tell the teacher,
But he turned out to be a preacher!
He said, “Studying is more important..”
I replied, “Staying alive is more!”
With a look like that of Mojojo,
He just had to let us go.

We ran to the Station,
To get the last trains;
Alas! We came to know
They had stopped due to heavy rains.
Rains had spoilt my phone,
It was now dead as a stone;
We friends had no option
But to walk back home.

Walking wasn’t easy, as we’d guessed
A bit scared I was I confessed.
All we wanted was a cellphone to beep,
But that wasn’t possible in the water chest-deep;
Walls had started breaking,
Deaths were in the making.
The strong currents began pushing us back,
The confidence inside us began to lack.
Cars had drowned and there were jams of traffic,
Trying a thousand times, we didn’t get a single rick.
The clouds were still dark and it continued to pour,
Bolts of lightning struck and more clouds began to roar.
My friend started crying,
And stopped after some trying;
She had awfully hurt her leg,
In the rain’s Blitz Krieg!
The skies slowly became dark,
In the sea-like water, we almost feared a shark.

We finally neared our destination,
Our spirits were now in elation.
I dropped my friend home,
I reached mine too;
Still shocked I am,
For I didn’t know..
That the cheering and ever-playful rains
Would give my Mumbai such agony and pains!

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