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Rebecca ©

Stewarton, Scotland

She always has a question: Becky always needs to know
She believes in dad the oracle: it's to he that she must go
Her queries come in thick and fast, the subjects not related
Dad just flounders like a fish: his ego's quite deflated

The quality of query, is quite valid, that is true
Dad just rolls his eyes around and fumbles his way through
Not the type of question baffling scholars through the years
How can she expect her dad to know if flies have ears?

He ponders every query but of course it is a ruse
He fudges every answer in an effort to confuse
He's subtle on delivery lest her faith in dad be bruised
Given partial satisfaction to the query she had mused

Before she gets much older she will clearly figure out
That dad is not the visionary that he was making out
Increasingly his answers meet her unbelieving frown
His little girl is growing up while he is dumbing down

And as she starts her schooling years consulting all those teachers
Her questioning becomes refined 'cause that's the way they teach her
Dad won't feature in this world of academic strife
She'll use him for those other things, to teach a way of life

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