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Reach Out Your Hand ©

Jane Baxter
Dorset, England

when you are in the deepest darkest trough
of deepest dark despair
just reach your hand out to me child
and you will find that I am there

just reach your hand out to me child
and I will walk with you every lonely mile
till you find the strength to lift
your head again and smile

I will be with you in your darkest night
and with you till the dawn
and I will make your pain my own
till all your pain has gone

I know their scathing words they hurt you
and nearly took your very soul
but reach your hand out to me child
and my touch will make you whole

so in your deepest darkest night
let go of all your hate
for all their names are in my book
and in my hands their fate

then through the night
came a shining light
and a voice so calm and serene
was it real or was it a dream?????

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