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Rainbow Soldiers ©

Dedicated to Army T/Sgt Thomas M. Hankins, a brave soldier who lost his life in Vietnam, and Marilyn, the wife he left behind......

Roland R. Ruiz
Texas, USA

Have you ever gazed towards a rainbow, after a morning rain
And wondered what lies within the colored sparkles
Between the sun lit clouds

Could it be the thoughts of souls, who've left before their time
With remnants of a lonely past painted with dreams, that will never be

A soldier's life, that's lost in battle, can be described this way
The dreams unfilled, as life begins to fade, resembles the colors of a rainbow
Bending across a fresh washed sky, beneath the risen sun

So often those who are left behind, forget what heroes do
The freedom they lose is ours to gain, so let's not forget their deeds

Whenever a rainbow appears in the sky, look for the colors between the clouds
For they're a reminder of the gallant troops, who gave up their hopes for us

Let's always remember, and never forget, the heroes who lost their dreams
And pray for our soldiers, who fight in a war, to live out their dreams in peace

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