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The Proud Argyll ©

A tribute to the courageous soldiers of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, one of Scotland's most famous regiments. The family Regiment of Argylls has given long and distinguished service to our country in some of the most dangerous theatres of military activity around the world.

by H Marshall

Dae ye' see ower there,
Yon braw sodger lad,
Wi' his pipes an' his drums,
An' his tartan plaid?

Ye' can tell by his face,
An' his sonsie smile,
By his kilt an' his badge,
He's a proud Argyll.

Here the skirl o' his pipes,
As he blaws guid tunes,
Such as "Highland Laddie",
Soundin' ower the dunes.

Ye' can see by his jaw,
An' his eyes sae clear,
That his heartbeat is strong,
An' he shows nae fear.

Dae ye' see his bonnet
Sit proud on his head,
Wi' Glengarry tassels,
An' a toorie red?

Wi' his sharp skean dhu,
An' his swingin' six,
An' his black shiny brogues;
Nae land better picks.

In his proud Regiment,
Much honour'd through time,
He's a gallant member
O' "The Thin Red Line".

Steep'd in Stirling Castle,
His proud heritage,
A battalion's record,
Of inspiring courage.

But soon oor braw sodger,
Must gang far awa',
Mid the guns and bullets,
Tae fight in the war.

He'll fight for his country;
He'll die if he must;
He'll always be ready;
On him ye' can trust.

When the battle's ower,
An' victory's won;
His family an' friends,
Will welcome him home.

If our brave lad should die,
On some foreign soil;
Remember the honour,
Of the proud Argyll.

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