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Promise ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Promise if I should succumb to an illness
Don't let me waste away
Don't let them feed me potions
Forever and a day

Remember me as your friend and lover
And what I'd really want
Not sitting here a lonely death
Grey and pale and gaunt

Promise you will take me to the hills dear
To a place where I might lie
Then leave me though it hurts dear
For me to stay and die

I know for you it will be painful
To leave me in this way
For you know that I will die my love
Before the end of day

So take me to the mountains
And sit me in the snow
Say you love me one last time
You know my pain won't show

One day upon the hill
Is naught compared to years
To tending me an empty man
Through aching soulful tears.

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