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Precious Days ©

Fife, Scotland

Like a rope of pearls days nestle up
To each other
All the same size
But days are different
Some hardly worth recording
So it seems
Yet routine tasks take on a meaning
All of their own these days
And like that pearl necklace each day
Is necessary
Without one the chain would break

A gift day when seemingly effortless shifts
Like sunlight moving slowly over the carpet
Add a glow and send enchantment

Contrast the wet and wind when washing
Does a progressive waltz from line to kitchen
And pegs litter the lawn

A craftsman will select and grade the pearls
I accept that a larger force
Holds the key to our barometers

All my days seem more precious now
Little notice was taken when young
When days seemed longer
It is a trick a sleight of hand
The calendar peels off progressively
Like a necklace would
Should the thread break
The pearls would spill and scatter

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