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Possession ©

Mystery Rose

My job takes me far away, far away from you
But you knew who I was and what it is I do
Before you married me, you said you understood
You said you'd stand beside me while I go battle for the good.

Why is it so shocking, that I have to be here and there?
I can't carry it all; it would help if you truly cared.
I understand your feelings, and what you say
But the choice is yours to leave or stay

Let me run when I need to, let me holler in the streets
Let me be who I am, even if I should meet
Someone who intrigues me, someone who is nice to see
Have a little faith love; it is you I seek

When I am not free to express; I just react
When I can't find the reasons for your display and act
This journey will take us to a dead end
I've been here before, let's not pretend
When Possession takes hold of two that become one
The heart is at odds and the relationship is done.

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