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Portlogan Bay: ©

(on the Southern Rhinns of Galloway)

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Sail away lost ship
Far off to the world's edge
With a cargo
Of folded memories.

Wave bye! bye!
Flotsam on the flood;
Heartbreaks come haunting
Homeward on another ebb and flow
And this beach
Becomes a mirror -
Fragments of what I've been
Lights pulse from the Emerald isle...
After the storm, here I search again
For traces of happiness in the seaweed;
Or love, lost in the sand:
To sing the gulls' free song once more.

A warm, summer day,
A breeze from off the sea
In the sand dunes
You and me..
You lay back
Soft smile, alluring
My arms around you
Strong and re-assuring.

Far out beyond the waves
Ireland's coast inviting.
Your eyes sparking wild
Raptures - pulsed exciting.
Your denim skirt a blanket
Jewels spread around
This King - at a banquet
You, his Queen - crowned.

The old lighthouse, so quiet
High seabirds caught a view
The rhythm of the waves
Inside me and you.
Longing in your eyes
Unquenchable desire!
Free in Nature's bosom
Unfettered! lust on fire!
The crashing spray
Salt upon the air
Surging to and fro
Your dark, tangled hair.

My love for you completed
Closing of a book
The circle ever turns
Now memories rebuke.

We shed those skins
Built castles in the air
Our hopes and dreams like breakers crashed
On life's stony, storm-wracked beach
Tempests raged inside us
For the rainbows we strived to reach.

Here, in the lighthouse
Grey granite stone
Grey hair locks of age
No ray of light is now shed
It's old like me, but strong
Together, alone in the darkness
With only the stars as friends
And the waves to lull some sleep.

O the sea, the sea
Mistress of mystery
Deep and deeper blue
Down your wells of gilded pleasure
I have often drowned in you:
Senses drift in enchantment
Hypnotically at peace:
Spellbinding Enchantress
Rhythm and sound
O the sea birds calling
Rising of waves
Now waves a-falling.

I run to the waves
Each time I come home
With Laken, Roberta and Scott
To taste the salt sea foam:

Come now my darlings
A friend I'll introduce
The sea, and sand and rocks, my dears
Your spirit to induce:
Drink deep into your senses
The magic of the sea
This place is wild and ancient
It's Nature blowing free.
Each rock's as old as time
Each wave falls once - unique
The chorus of the sea birds
Changes by the week:
Gullimots and puffins
Gannets diving fast
Herring gulls and tern gulls
A cormorant flying past.

Come now, fill your heart
With glee and wondrous awe
Stand and stare out to sea
Where the wild winds wildest blaw!
We walk these shores together
With our eyes open wide
So the spirit of this place
Dwells deep, deep inside.

Generations of lovers may embrace
The sea, the sky and stars
Here, my darlings, is my love
Where we stood and glared at Mars!

This sea, this sky, this landscape
By either day or night
Shall always be a comfort
And calm your spirit's flight:
Let this place uplift you
When you think I'm far away
Then smile and realise
I'm in your heart to stay
When you're at Portlogan Bay.

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