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Pollution ©

Stewarton, Scotland

Our planet is in turmoil, we're choking her to death
She's not that many years away, from her one final breath
We are the cause of all her ails, we really have displeased her
She's going to get her spirit back and put us in the freezer

She's shared her bounty freely for a million years or more
She's suckled us in all that time but now her teat is sore
She's going to have a rebirth, and abort all humankind
She'll set us tests and problems, she'll put us in a bind

Global warming's all our fault, with our carbon fuel emission
We've strained her to her limits, and her premature submission
We damaged her in decades, but she's fighting back at speed
She's subtle in her methods, as the weather patterns read

She's finished with her muted stance and lady-like behaviour
It's time to add a temperature hike that puts us all in danger
A climate change, a storm or two, increasing strength and number
Environmental wake up call, to stir us from our slumber

We gather round at Kyoto, seek political solution
The sands of time run their course, she's plotting revolution
No matter how we humans act to mend our foolish way
Events are now unfolding, that will make the humans pay

El Nino hit Americas, while drought hits the Sudan
Such is our inheritance, the consequence of Man
Green house gases vomit out, her ozone layer depleted
Man is but an insect that will surely be defeated

Her heart is full of pity as she's crying floods of tears
Unleashed torrential downpours, the heaviest in years
Her gulf stream circulation, is grinding to a halt
Diluted by fresh water, depleted of its salt

And now the ice age cometh, and all that that entails
A frosty white reception, we really tipped the scales
I only hope that we have learned, as we watch the ice advance
That Man must prove he's worthy, to get another chance

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