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Poetspell ©

by David Lee Sulgrove
Nine Mile Falls, USA

The poetspell
lifts your soul on high
Quickening the spirit
to shimmer and shine

The words cut deep
as a fiery blade
then whisk you away
to an undreamed of glade

An Odyssey bright
upon wings of light
Secrets unveiled
under mystic sight

A tale woven
An ancient rite
that captivates
with every thought
in the night

The magical
words whispered
invoke dreams
of the sacred
approaching day

the silken
winding road
unto the golden
glittering plain

The poet seeks
to awaken the minds eye
sweetly shrouded
in all embracing mystery

The poet asks
that you may look
listen and learn
Thus with a strong desire
you will forever burn
for the poetspell

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