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Plea ©

Frank E Gibbard
London, England

A short word to say this thing called war
With giant dimensions on a scale of awe
This world-wide cancer: a gaping sore
A malevolence of evil rotten to it's core
If only one day it may be seen no more
That abhorrent abomination known as war

Imagine if you will a warless Earth
Where people only strove for things of worth
Were these martial days ever to be ended
A global malaise could at last be tended

Oh to see that fervent wish fulfilled
World harmony for real not futilely willed
But our world needs better than ads for cokes
Which today look the sickest brand of jokes
What it needs now is a new regime verily
Peaceseekers could live their dream merrily
So be off you dominators
Far far off abominators
And take your bastard child
Your wastrel war reviled
Just leave the world and let it be
A peaceful home for humanity
Imagine them departed
And every war they started
This could be a better place
For this fragile human race
Finally at peace bereft of war
Human beings could really soar
This sounds and is pie in the sky
But why not aim for the stars it's worth a try

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