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Play of Confusion ©

Ray E. MacRae
New South Wales, Australia

Characters in a play,
ageless story, the same yet different.
Like unknown players
In an unknown play.

Like so many before us
We attempt our parts
No rehearsal, just begin.

The stream of life carried us on.
What is the play about?
Someone said life
The play is about life.

Still not clear
Carrying a heavy burden
We began, no destination
No reason, just stay alive.

We learnt to care or love
To stay together, to keep going
Yet no reward
Why keep playing?

Communication the key
Not found, what now?
No one to ask
Play continues.

Disappointment at every turn
Expectation dissolves into despair,
Hopelessness, our daily food.
Why – Why – Why?

Try again new script
Same players, failure
Can’t go on.

Try again new methods
Failure still
Begin to alter our roles
Try different parts

They become bearable
But wrong, still searching.
No answer, finally cease to continue,
but have to remain.

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