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This was written several years ago in response to the Government of the time trying to encourage young people to be more environmentally responsible.

In case you think I had lost the plot, this was targeted to an audience of four to eight year olds.

Shortly after this was published, vandalism and graffitti increased by just over a hundred per cent in our neighbourhood.

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia

I'm feeling blue. Says Wooloomooloo.
What's the matter? Asked Wangaratta.
It's the dirt in the street, around my feet,
that makes me blue. Says Wooloomooloo.

I'm feeling crook. Says Tootgarook.
So what is wrong? Asked Wollongong.
It's all the rubbish running in my brook,
that makes me crook. Says Tootgarook.

I'm feeling pain. Says Castlemaine.
Why is it so? Asked Bendigo.
It's all the litter running down my drain,
that gives me pain. Says Castlemaine.

So what do we do to clean it up?
Asked Warrandyte, and Kooweerup.
Ask all the kids living in the land
to all join in, and give a hand.

To find a bin, and put it in;
and say NO! NO! NO! to her and him,
who litters the streets, and is very mucky,
leaving all our towns, feeling sick and yucky.

Is it too late? Asked Mountain Gate.
Not if we hurry. Says River Murray.
To make our country all nice and neat,
forever and ever, would be a treat.

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