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Pitlochry Theatre ©

Fife, Scotland

The stage is set. the hills lending protection
A place of words ..sets.. lights
Theatre in the hills
Not parochial but special
All roads lead to Pitlochry

River runs like a silver ribbon over granite
music to ears more used to traffic
The sleek bridge brings a taste of sea legs
Powerful dam a testimony to magnificent engineering
Trees which are not fazed by wind or weather

Dusted dinner jackets. pretty velvet skirts
Pashminas and arran knits a patchwork of people
All set on watching and taking what they need
From Ackbourne to Tolstoy
White wine or cherry scone you choose

West End where taxis are impossibly elusive
Broadway where neon lights shout loudly
Gentle Perthshire with fir capped mountains
Brave gabled homes and turreted hotels
Friendly open door to the theatre in the hills

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