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Piracy on the High Road ©

Frank E Gibbard
London, England

In days of old so we are told
Sea pirates roamed the main
Today they glean more modern gold
As I will now explain
If you like me are very silly
And meet such dodgy men
You may like me think what a willy
You were to trust one when
You went and bought a DVD
In a pub not in a shop
And paid for this a tiny fee
That at least should make one stop
And think this can't be kosher mate
But no I was that twit
And for my film could not wait
Till later so drunkenly bit.
Me and money were parted
Modern Pirate departed
Soon my movie started
I was feeling quite light-hearted
But holy whatsits what the hell is this?
Batman's stunning, Batmobile gunning
But something here is really well amiss
In every scene
Up on that screen
What is that there?
You know I'd swear
That must be, is it? Yes it is, it's someone's head
All through the film he filmed himself the wally dunderhead!
This unwanted bonus feature
Even showed this careless creature
On his very candid camera passing through
He'd shot himself on DVD off to the loo.
That really really turned the final screw
I had to laugh, what else to do.

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