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Pilgrimage ©

Granville Holt
Oklahoma, USA

I was romantically drawn to you bonnie Scotland
By a spirit memory pure as Iona bloodstone
Sailing on kindred seas of ancient poesy
I was sheltered ashore by one of Stirling's own

Round the golden necklace of your magic Hebrides
I'm carried on sweet wings to fabled dove
My Lady of Alba entreats me linger here
And stroll with her through Gaelic songs of Love

Spellbound I stood transfixed
Within western sunset's rich amber argosy
True auburn lass touched my quivering hand
As aqua waves kissed white sands as far as I could see

Twilight's first brave stars gathered
Eager to view birth place of my souls muse-light
From Sooner dust bowl to Inner island rock
Our lover's page is poised for pen to write

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