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Pegasus ©

(Lest We Forget)

Dennis Capper
Victoria, Australia

The sound of pipes came drifting down,
From atop a Falkland hill,
The valley mist was swaying,
All else was quiet and still,

The tune that sounded hauntingly,
Was one often heard before,
It came from history's tragedy,
From ancient days of yore,

The 'Flowers of the Forest' floated down,
From that barren crest,
Rifles crashed out one last salute,
As those Paras were laid to rest,

Some had died upon the heather,
A few more upon the heath,
They could not see their comrades,
Who's hearts were filled with grief.

But those few young men with berets Red,
Performed a feat of arms undreamed,
For although the odds were three to one,
They took and held Goose Green.

Discipline, tradition and comradeship,
To do their duty without fuss,
To uphold the Para's honour,
For the Red beret and 'Pegasus'.

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