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Past Lives ©

Mystery Rose

I knew you in another life
When we last stood together
Within the halls of home
It was a time of magnificence
Like few the world has seen
We made a gracious couple
In the roles of you and me

I often dream of you
Although I canít see your face
But I know in my heart
You are my fate

Although we are in this life together but separately
I know you are with me
In my heart for eternity

Somehow we knew in our hearts
Youíd be with me in every life
No wonder Iíve spent a lifetime
Looking for the truth
The truth lies in the past
And you are the root

So now I know the secret
Of the days that have passed before
No wonder when I look at you
It's like Iíve met you before

My name is Mystery
Which is named after you
Please respect it as a special key
To open other doors

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