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Pass The Food Around ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Pass the food around, and gladly,
Take a bag to ease the load.
Why not try today's free sample?
Cheaper than across the road.
Listen to the music throbbing
As you wander round the store,
Gaze askance at bargain offers
Tempting you to purchase more.

Pass the food around, and gladly,
In the butcher's shop you're hemmed.
"Mutton's on a special offer!"
Maybe it's all been condemned.
"Visit our sweet department!"
Salivate at just the thought;
All those Yorkie bars and Pringles,
Each one crying to be bought.

Pass the food around, and gladly,
Which way to the exit, please?
"Walk straight past our perfume counter,
Turn left by the potted trees.
Going through the toy department,
Head for Film Lab, by the stair....!"
Stop, please stop! No advertising!
All I really want is air!

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