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Papillon de Nuit ©

(Night Butterfly)

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Papillon, Papillon, [1]
Angel awake at night (!)
your body clock
ticks upside down -
to chrysalis morning
your flowers switch
on to the moon -
in those harbours
of thirst, nectar is nocturnal.

Papillon, Papillon,
your wings dance through
the night -
darkness, foe or ally,
its nectar a poison.
All around town,
Midnight neons flash revellers;
they're attracted like flies
to artificial suns…
overdose of pleasures,
le suicide électrique. [2]

Papillon, Papillon,
you will revert to light,
as darkness, this old friend,
sneaks out like a scared thief -
… to enjoy to the full sun king
and its delights,
new meadows of perfumes,
polychromic pleasures…
Throw away that towel to those
synthetic scents; poison bottled away,
so long Simmer Dim lasts.

[1] Papillon : butterfly
[2] le suicide électrique: electric suicide

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