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People in story: Paddy Donavan and Frau Hilda Schmitt
The names of Paddy and the Frau are fictional. However, the event is true.
P.O.W. Camp Stalag 3D, Teltow Germany 1942.

Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

Paddy was a P.O.W.
locked up in a Prison Camp.
Somewhere in the Fatherland
where it was cold and damp.

One day as Paddy marched to work,
his work Commando passed a wall.
And Paddy noticed in a garden,
the blonde bint so cute and tall.

She was hacking at a cabbage stalk
that made young Paddy wince.
And mentally he imagined those fingers,
shredding his bagpipe flute to mince.

With the ardour of rampant wild rabbit
Paddy devised a way to communicate.
And dropped a note from beneath his coat,
right next to her garden gate.

As the Commando turned around the corner,
the wench hastily picked up the note.
Then in the gloom of her warm bedroom,
she read it and began to gloat.

“Meet me in the woods on Sunday”
Paddy had hastily in German scribed.
“And we shall have no problems,
for the Guard is already bribed.”

The note was then burned to black ash,
and as the smoke curled up to the ceiling.
The woman thought of many things,
till all her senses were reeling.

“Methinks of mein man on der Rusky front”
hevink it off mit a Rusky bit.”
“So I vill hetch mien own liddle plot”
“und heff a bit off a randy Brit!”

Then every Sunday Paddy would be escorted,
by a bribed Kraut Guard wi’ ‘is gun.
To the green wood just out side Village
where Paddy would collect rabbit food in the sun.

The Camp Commandant's rabbits got fatter,
on the greens collected from within the wood.
And outside the wood the Guard didn’t matter,
as he heard contented sighs and understood.

Then with a grin like a Cheshire cat wi’ kittens,
Paddy erupted from the wood like a ruptured duck.
And the Guard helped him back to the P.O.W. Camp
looking like Robin Hood and a knackered Friar Tuck.

But the house Frau was already married,
and Paddy finally got home safe to his wife.
There are many strange untold stories of WW2
but then there are many strange facets to life.

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