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Our Lives are Different ©

Frank E Gibbard
London, England

Our lives are different from those who bore us
We worry less they care far more.
We always have today before us
They used to think what lay in store.
But how unfair that they so judge our current way
How blinkered if we misjudge their past
They have not trod in our shoes for even one day
And memories of youth fade very fast.
We know of their trials yet cannot truly know them
They know of our "easy life" but not our mind
And how can we the next generation show them
The meanings we ourselves can't find.
Rare is the parent so fair-minded
To empathise with their childrens' view
Few offspring will be so broad-minded
To see things as their folks may do.
The old may trumpet their era's glories
Claim every vestige better than today's
Editing out the atrocious from their memories
While denigrating every modern mode or "craze".
The young have heard of war and rations
An alien world they cannot know
Peopled by weirdoes in ridiculous fashions
The generation gap will thereby grow

Our lives differ utterly from those before us
Young and old occupy opposing spheres
We live different lives than those who bore us
And our difference or indifference can generate tears

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