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Other Poetry of Mixed Styles and Topics

If you have read some of the other pages in the Poetry of Scotland sections, then you will have picked up on the distinctive Scottish theme running through them.

The 'Other Poetry' section is something a little different and includes poetry of varying styles and covering a wide range of subjects.

Why not send us your own poetic attempts by clicking on the Submit Poem link?

Take a look through these examples of Other Poems sent in by our web site visitors - and be inspired!

If you feel compelled to contribute your own writings then complete the Online Form and send them to us. We will be delighted to publish your work on this web site.

Help us to spread the pleasure of poetry!

Let us know if you would like to see other categories of Poetry featured on the web site - we will be happy to oblige.

Topics of Poems in the Collection

  1. Events
  2. Humour
  3. Life
  4. Love
  5. Nature
  6. Other
  7. People
  8. Places
  9. Satire
  10. War and Peace

Who are the Scots?

Sir John Sholto Douglas (8th Marquis of Queensberry) (1844 - 1900) Devised the 'Queensberry Rules' for boxing in 1867. Was tried for libelling the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, who was said to be having a homosexual relationship with Douglas' son, Lord Alfred. This action led to Wilde's disgrace and imprisonment.

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