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Oor National Press ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

The greatest curse in aw thi land
frae mountains lochs an silver sand
ignore the cleg that great horseflee
wae yin quick slap an it will dee
or midge oor curse an Roman chaser
brachen, sheep, or Clearance raper
is naw thi rain an dreich like days
nor nose to tail on 'B' Highways
or Parking fines frae keen Enforcers
millions made fir Cooncil boastirs
or winds that blaw fir day an night
wae glimpse o snaw an yinday bright
or lack o funds fir us tae Culture
as Parliament stands like greedy vulture
passin Laws tae feed its craw
while awe thi talk is blaw, blaw, blaw
it's no thi flashirs o thi land
sited purse that's no been planned
or foreign folk that sell oor waatir
frae oot oor feet wae simple pattir
hae thi land as Fue nae bettir
Lorded laird an foreign settlir
sell oor ile an tax us fur it
treat us like a lump o shit
it's no thi thoucht o oor Scottish Meenistir
inviting folks was notions seenistir
naw thi greatest curse, IS oor National Paper
wid twist oor thouchts tae suit thir caper
tell us facts whin thae ur lees
edit lines fir some tae please
destroy a life but disnae care
expose thir truth an bein fair!!

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