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OOPS!! ©

Stewarton, Scotland

Have you ever said the sort of thing that's filled you with regret?
You know the sort of thing I mean: a moment to forget
You didn't mean to say it, you just sort of sicked it out
You didn't even whisper it: it felt more like a shout

Filled you with embarrassment, shocking those who heard
A knuckle biting episode, that thing you had inferred
And then the stony silence and those look-to-ceiling eyes
The telepathic recipes for countless humble pies

Your brain just wasn't quick enough to cut the sentence off
Your tongue was waxing lyrical while it was dozing off
You'd like to cut your tongue out, serve it up upon a dish
And there you are, you're centre stage, and pouting like a fish

In the course of conversation the brain gives lots of choice
Your usually eloquent silver tongue selects the one to voice
How could this appendage say the thing it shouldn't quote
And after it had said it there's a dryness in your throat

Muscles are convulsing and poor tongue begins to stammer
You'd like to lie it on the floor and hit it with a hammer
It's trying to hide within your mouth pretend that you are mute
There is no room inside there now 'cause inside there's a foot

Your brain is stunned to find the words to make the wrong a right
It's selecting and rejecting words beyond the speed of light
Your brain is now in meltdown and it's time to pull the plug
And poor old tongue is left alone to fill the hole it's dug

Brain is feeding snippets that poor tongue just can't make sense
Your tongue is lolling round and round in search of some defence
You're sounding incoherent now: making matters worse
Speech is such a wondrous thing but some would say a curse

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