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On the Way ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

On discoverer paths
Far from everyday life duties
In this foreign place
The city sleeps
Still recovering
From daily strains
Protected by the ridge

Under glaring neon lamps
I am listening to the cry
Of the circling sea gulls
Over the shipyard cranes
And hazy harbour taverns
In silver moonlight

On the way feeling fortune
In the Alba adventure
Short and transiently
I take deep breaths
From salty sea air
And ignore the stiffness
Of backpacking

Feet finally pause
During my thoughts
Yet restlessly move
To those who stayed at home
And back to the Highlands
Soul colour pictures
Lie in the developer bath

Turning point is near
On unknown ways
With the birds of passage
Flying home-wards
Sooner or later
When I am satisfied
By myths of the ancestors

On the way with ice storm birds
Alone, however, never lonely
Dialog at the edge of the wood
Fragrance from wild thyme
Still in the parting hour
My thoughts are free
Yet nowhere more than here

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