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On the Tip of my Nose ©

…Feel it.

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

First love blooms like
a wild primrose -
a beam of sun,
ring in clouds.
Your heart
on the tip of my nose…
I hear it bounce,
fear no why.
First love scents like
the wildest rose;
petals of love -
waxed upside down.
Your smile
on the tip of my nose…
it makes no plea,
yet so much sense.
First love,
a whirl at a high dose;
soothing opium
in red shoedance-
your lips
on the tip of my nose…
sighing climax,
two souls in trance.
First love - pleasure
release semen;
a new feeling
in a cold house -
"Je t'aime"
on the tip of my nose…
like a fire,
flames we arouse.

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