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Only The Snowflakes Dance ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Today is not the winter's night of my taste
In the old days I knew how to have a good laugh
To open my eyes and young heart
The friendly moon turns the night to day
I ask myself to whom
Surely not for me
Oh, how I loved dancing just a few years ago
Around the bunch of thistles on the Unicorn*
Brothers and friends
Where have you gone?
Only snowflakes dance in the icy storm
And I listen to their singing of past times
The Malt Scotch Whisky is prepared
But these bottles will stay reserved forever
You are so far away from me
Nobody can tell me where you sleep in the frosty night
I dream and pluck a bunch of memories for you
Yet cannot have a crush on this winter's wonderland
For I better shut my door and all windows
Against the glimmer of the magnificence and beauty
Because it is not for me
That's old hat
I sit here all alone at the fireplace
Waiting for somebody who will never come again
Today is not the winter's night of my taste
Only The Snowflakes Dance

* Unicorn
Museum Ship in Dundee, Scotland. Sometimes events took place and you were just allowed to enter if you wore traditional Scottish outfit.

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