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Only A Whisper Away ©

For Nancie, with much love. The rock beneath my feet and the Angel who brings the gift of Christmas each day. Thank You

Irene McIsaac
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

At my lowest ebb
She lifts me from the depths,
Carries me on her shoulders
And lightens my load

In the midst of my loneliness
She penetrates my thoughts,
Brings music to my ear
And prompts my heart to sing

On my darkest day
She cloaks me in sunshine,
Brightens my way
And shows me the beauty

When I reach out to her
She comforts my wounded body,
Restores my sense of purpose
And fills me with life

As I close my eyes
She encircles me with love,
Touches my very soul
And makes my spirit soar

An ocean apart
Only a whisper away

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